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Immediate Option
We offer simplicity, security and value for our customers in the disposal of their equipment through one of the most responsible “Green” programs in the industry. To make it simple you have two choices for your end of life assets. Our “Immediate Option” provides you with immediate closure and value, whereas, we process your assets as eWaste and give net benefit to your organization by purchasing the base components at market value.

Program Option
While the “Program Option” is a comprehensive relationship program to provide the highest benefit through true partnering. This option provides a shared risk and reward for us and the client. We process this stream as useable goods and move them into the secondary or used marketplace. Once the item is sold we split the net profit of the item with our customer. Our security processes are amongst the best in the business for both, physical and logical security. Our facilities have the latest surveillance technologies coupled with coded entry electronic gates and security card access. Logical security is our primary objective in processing your assets. We follow the highest rated Department of Defense guidelines, while being HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliant.

Maximum Value
To provide the maximum value for your assets, our buyers price-to-market daily, using market spot pricing for each asset in the waste stream. We also provide comprehensive reporting on asset disposition.
Manufactures We Buy
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